Llyris Robyns

Llyris Robyns

Llyris has had a busy practice in Lismore CBD since 1994, with a strong focus on holistic healing using tactile therapies, diet, nutrition and herbal medicine as powerful tools to affect healing processes.  As both a scientist and a naturopath, she works with up to date evidence-based protocols, empirical knowledge and 25 years of experience.

Massage treatments are both relaxing and deep, incorporating passive stretches and techniques to release tension and facilitate a full range of movement.  Llyris has studied (and taught) many tactile modalities including lymphatic drainage, sports massage and Bowen Therapy.    As a WorkCover accredited practitioner, she has, over many years, treated work-related injuries, frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, lower back pain and scoliosis.

“My favourite treatment is Bowen Therapy.  Over the past 20 years that I have been using Bowen therapy, I have found it to be a deeply powerful treatment, yet extremely gentle, facilitating healing on many levels from deep relaxation to chronic injuries and pain.  I have found the results to be at times ‘miraculous’ and it is the treatment I choose for myself”.

Many conditions within the body are related to imbalances and genetic factors that may lead to hormonal disturbances, anxiety and inflammatory auto-immune diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid problems.   Llyris’s naturopathic consultations are aimed at finding the cause of presenting symptoms and she uses natural treatments to bring the body back to its own balance.  Over the years she has successfully treated auto-immune conditions such as Grave’s disease and inflammatory joint disease. Many other conditions from recurrent flu and tonsillitis in children and adults, hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel symptoms, stress and anxiety have been resolved with her natural medicine treatments.

Appointments and further information

This service is provided at the Southern Cross University Health Clinic, Lismore.
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Cancellation Fee

The practitioner has a long waiting list for our appointments each day. If you cannot attend your appointment, you MUST let us know more than 2 hours prior to the time. We can then offer your time to another patient.

Failure to do so will incur a $20 No Show fee, which must be paid prior to making another appointment.