Take the stress out of Year 12 with a STAR Early Offer

The STAR program allows you to secure your place in a Southern Cross University degree before your Year 12 results are even released. It’s designed to remove some of the pressure from Year 12 and give you a pathway directly into university study that is not based solely on your Year 12 results.

Download the STAR Early Offer 2021 flyer

Why should I apply for STAR?

This program allows you to gain an offer into a Southern Cross University course of your choice*, based on your high school grades and your school principal’s recommendation.

This means that STAR does not take your Year 12 results into consideration. It’s free to apply through STAR and it’s a simple online application.

Who is eligible?

Any student completing Year 12 studies at an Australian school in 2021 can apply.

How does it work?

STAR has three levels based on your high school grades. These levels are:

  STAR Platinum

  STAR Entry

  STAR Pathway

Applications are now closed.

*Please note STAR Early Offer does not include the Bachelor of Midwifery.

  STAR key dates

  • Applications open: 5 May 2021
  • Applications close: 30 September 2021
  • Recommendations close: 13 October 2021 (extended)
  • NSW offers: from 9 November 2021
  • QLD offers: from 9 November 2021

  How to apply

Applying for STAR is easy! It should only take you about three minutes.

  1. Create an application nominating your degree and campus of choice.
  2. Your application will be saved and you can change your course and location preference all the way up until the closing date.
  3. Your school will then assess your application and make their recommendation according to Southern Cross University’s guidelines.
  4. If you need assistance with the process, you can book an appointment with one of our student advisers who can answer any questions you have. Call 1800 626 481
  5. Once offers are released, we’ll be in touch and let you know what the next step is.

STAR Platinum

Students who qualify at this level may gain entry into any Southern Cross University undergraduate degree*, including Education, Engineering, and Law.

Entry Requirements

Students should achieve an average grade of:

  • B or above across all subjects in QLD or
  • Band 4 across all subjects in NSW.

AND have received a principal’s recommendation into their chosen degree.

STAR Entry

This level of the program allows early offer access to a broad range of innovative Southern Cross degrees, but does not include our Education, Engineering and Law degrees.

Entry Requirements

Students should:

  • Be passing all Year 12 subjects, and/or
  • Have received a principal’s recommendation into their chosen degree.

STAR Pathway

This level of the program provides an access point for students who may not have gained the academic outcome they’d hoped for, but who still would like to go to university.

Students will be recommended into one of the following Southern Cross University pathways:

  • a relevant Diploma
  • the Transition to Uni program or
  • our Preparing for Success at SCU Program (PSP).

Upon successful completion of the pathway, students can then commence study in a Southern Cross course.

STAR Early Offer - how to apply (5:12)

Are you in Year 12 and getting ready to apply to Southern Cross University’s STAR Early Offer program? That’s great! This video will help you to understand STAR and guide you through the application.

Let’s start by going to the STAR Early Offer website. In the URL, type scu.edu.au/star. This page is the one stop-shop for STAR, it has all the information you may need about the program and is also the place to apply.

STAR Early Offer is a fantastic opportunity for Year 12 students to secure a place in a Southern Cross University degree before final Year 12 results are even released. It’s open for ATAR and non-ATAR eligible students and it’s designed to remove some of the pressure from Year 12.

STAR can give you a pathway directly into university study that is based on your schools recommendation and not your final Year 12 results.

There are three levels to the program, based on your high school grades. These levels include STAR Platinum, STAR entry and STAR Pathway, you can find more out information on this at the bottom of the webpage.

The STAR Early Offer program is FREE and only takes 5-10 minutes to apply. Let me show you how!

Click the yellow button to get your application started.

The application is split into three parts, your personal details, the course you wish to apply for and confirming your application. It’s as simple as that!

Start by filling in the name and date of birth section, be sure to include your full name as this name will be on your certificate when you graduate.

Next is email address, it is very important to use your personal email address as this is where we will contact you about the application.

Proceed to enter your current address and select your citizenship status.

Enter your country of birth, main language spoken at home and indicate if you are aboriginal or Torres strait islander.

Next we will complete the Year 12 details.

Your graduating year should already be selected for 2020. Please select the state your school is in, and find your school within the list. If your school is not on this list, please elect Other Secondary School from the top and type in your school name.

Finally select if you would like to add someone to act on your behalf regarding your STAR application. This just means that if you would like your parents or guardian to be able to talk to the uni on your behalf, we know it is ok by you. I recommend mum, dad or a carer, just in case you are not around if we try to call you. But it is perfectly fine if you would prefer us to talk just with you about your application.

Once you have entered all of your details, select the ‘proceed with application’ button.

Step 2 is selecting the course you wish to study.  If you change your mind later, you can simply log back in and change your selected course, but we will get to that later.

From the drop down, choose an area of study you are interested in. Let’s just say health sciences

Choose the campus you want to study at followed by the degree you want to study.

Keep in mind not all courses are available at every campus, refer to our course guide or website for our course locations.

If you wish to find out more about the course before you apply, you can click on More Details and view the course information.

Once you have chosen the course you want to study, simply select, proceed with application.

Confirm your course is the right one and if not, you can click change to choose again. Remember you can change the degree you apply for after you have submitted, by simply logging back into the application.

Click the proceed with application option if you are happy with your selection.

Now it’s time to review your application. Check to make sure all your information is correct, agree to the terms and conditions as well as the applicate declaration. And now prove you’re not a robot. Once you have done so Submit your application by clicking proceed with application.  

Once your applications has been successfully submitted you will see a green confirmation tick. Meaning you have successfully applied for STAR. Congratulations!

Check your email for your application summary, your unique student I.D and instructions on how to change your course preference. If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox, check your junk mail in case it was filtered there. 

That’s it, it’s that simple!  

You will receive an outcome to your email address you listed in the applications in November.  

The next step is to sit back, relax and carry on with your Year 12 studies to the best of your abilities. There is nothing left for you to do, we will contact your school and seek a recommendation.  

Get in touch if you have any questions, by emailing futurestudent@scu.edu.au or calling 1800 626 481.